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  Library of the Accademia della Crusca
Via di Castello, 46
50141 Firenze (Italy)
tel. (+39) 055-454277/78
fax (+39) 055-454279
Opening hours

Mon. 9-17
Tue. 9-14
Wed. 9-17
Thu. 9-14
Fri. 9-14




To gain access to the library it is necessary to present a letter of introduction from a member of the Accademia or a university professor.


Library Director: Claudio Marazzini

Chief Librarian: Delia Ragionieri (
Librarian: Giuseppe Abbatista (
Reading room assistance and loan management: Marta Ciuffi (
Acquisitions & Collection Management: Mariella Canzani (
Cataloging: Francesca Carletti (
Reading room collaborator: Matteo Gaja (



    Notices by Library

    • Library of the Accademia - Donations

      The Library only accepts the donation of works that are relevant to the scientific areas it covers. Unsolicited works will not be returned.

    Latest donations to the Library