New subject indexing tool edited by National Central Library of Florence

Participation to the project "Nuovo soggettario" coordinated by the National Central Library of Florence; 2012-ongoing.

With the Convention concluded in January 2012, the Accademia della Crusca has become a project partner for “Nuovo Soggettario” coordinated by the National Central Library of Florence.
The Accademia has created a workgroup consisting of linguists and librarians that will facilitate starting up and using the Nuovo Soggettario for the indexing its own collections by subject. The group will also give expert advice on the terminology already present in the Thesaurus, and especially regarding the insertion of neologisms; suggestions of linguistic terminology (not yet present in the Thesaurus) used previously by the Accademia’s library for cataloguing the related analytical entries; suggestions of a new terminology that has been singled out during the current indexing phase.
It is expected that a specific project will concern the indexing of the Citati and the 16th century works collection.

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