Il nuovo sito dell'Accademia 2012

The new website of the Academy; project with the contribution of Peretola Airport2012.

The new website of the Accademia della Crusca has been launched ten years after its previous version. During those years, a lot of material has been made available for the wider public and researchers, and this has paradoxically represented a weak point for the website that in the last few years could not always provide easy access to the information and the language resources. One of the main goals of the new site has been to give easier access to information through theme-based routes, named “Piazza delle Lingue”, and a more powerful search engine. New section have been created, such as the online selling of the Accademia’s publications, and the Speaker’s Corner - open talks with users about a linguistic topic. The new site also provides an ‘all round’ interaction with social networks (now with official Accademia’s pages on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube). The historical sections of the Accademia’s website still occupy an important place: the Linguistic Advice, the events about Italian language, the many databases created throughout the years.

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