The Library of the Accademia della Crusca becomes part of the Florence University catalogue and adheres to the National Library Service (SBN)

The catalogue of the Crusca library becomes part of the Florence University catalogue; 2013-2014.

During 2012, in order to give a wider and wider visibility to its own heritage , the Accademia della Crusca after a survey has opted for adhering to the National Library Service (SBN) through the University of Florence, in cooperation with the Ezio Franceschini Foundation Library and the International Society For the Study of Medieval Latin Culture (SISMEL).
In 2013, following and agreement with the University, the procedures leading to the integration of the Accademia catalogue with the University catalogue have started. This project, based on the tight collaboration between the library and computer staff of the Accademia and University Library System, has developed from 2013 onwards on the following basis:

Migration of the 110,000 records of our Library in the University catalogue
Between November 2013 and February 2014, about 87,000 records have been transferred to the University catalogue. These records consist of old monographs (more than 6,000) and modern monographs ( about 74,000), periodicals (more than 1,700) and other types of documentary resources (book collection, CD-ROMs and microfilms). Roughly the 23% of it was already present, while the remaining 77% will contribute to the enrichment of the University catalogue. 
The migration of more than 23.000 records of entries related to linguistic periodicals (that can be searched in the old catalogue) is expected within the next few months.
Data cleansing
Such procedures, which have employed and will employ the staff of the Library and of the University Library System from the beginning of 2014, are necessary for reducing to a minimum the inevitable impact due to the input of such a huge amount of data in the University catalogue.
Staff training
Starting from December 2013, the Library staff has taken part in some training days organized by the University Library System, concerning the use of different management programs of the Library automation system ALEPH (cataloguing, purchase, periodicals). A special care is given to the interaction with SBN for the shared cataloguing process.
Integration into action in the University catalogue
It is expected that the regular Library management operations will start again in the month of April, when all the managerial aspects and the related procedures will function in accordance with the University procedures.

The procedures described above concern the integration of the Library within the University catalogue, which represent the first fundamental step towards the interaction with SBN. 
The operations related to the localization of our records in SBN have started since March 2014. The first to be localized will be the records that are in common with the University (roughly 20,000). In order to complete the integration of the Accademia Library in the SBN catalogue, we have planned a progressive input of the remaining records through procedures to be arranged during 2014.

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