Italian language in the world


The Accademia della Crusca promotes the Italian language in the world through several events and projects, paying particular attention to the researchers of Italian and to the Italians living abroad.

  • Digital integrated archive of didactic materials, iconographic and multimedia texts and documentation for the divulgation of  Italian linguistic and historical-cultural heritage, with special regard to the second and third generation Italians abroad; project FIRB; 2009-2013.

  • The Week of the Italian language in the world promotes, around the world, the Italian language in its different aspects. Every year, a specific subject or a particular area of the language are chosen; in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; from 2001.

Notices by Crusca

  • Speakers' corner

    Per inserire neologismi formati da nomi propri nei vocabolari c’è tempo, di Paolo D'Achille.
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