Piazza delle Lingue d'Europa

The Piazza aims at the preservation and at carrying out activities for the promotion of multilingualism in the European Union; 2007-ongoing.

Since 2005, the Accademia has promoted events aimed at strengthening the relationship between European languages. The Piazza delle Lingue d’Europa was instituted after the creation of the Settimana della lingua italiana nel Mondo in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Since the first conference, La Toscana per le lingue d’ Europa (organized in 2005 on the occasion of the Festa della Toscana), it has become an annual event. 

At the 2007 edition, the front court of the villa was named Piazza delle Lingue d’Europa. Two further editions followed: one in 2008, devoted to the subject of Multilinguismo in Europa, and one in 2009, on the subject of Esperienze di multilinguismo in atto (with the Swiss Confederation as a special guest, example of a nation that has experienced a multilingual situation and coexistence of different languages). In 2010, the edition was entitled L’Italiano degli altri and this was followed by L’Italiano in Europa nel XXI secolo. Per Gianfranco Folena in 2011. The 2012 event, L'italiano dei vocabolari, was dedicated to the 4th centenary of the Vocabolario della Crusca, and the last edition in 2013 was called Lingue e Diritti.
The conferences have always been accompanied by performances and shows, such as the light projections of the Swiss artist Gerry Hofstetter on the facade of the villa.

Notices by Crusca