Piazza delle Lingue 2013: Lingue e Diritti

The Piazza delle Lingue, celebrating its seventh edition this year, is an event organized by the Accademia della Crusca dedicated to the promotion of multilingualism in the European Union. 

The 2013 edition, entitled Lingue e Diritti, will take place in Florence in three days of conferences and round tables open to public, from Thursday 14 to Saturday 16 November.
The detailed programme of the event is available on the Events section of this website.



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Notices by Crusca


  • The Piazza aims at the preservation and at carrying out activities for the promotion of multilingualism in the European Union; 2007-ongoing.

  • Digital integrated archive of didactic materials, iconographic and multimedia texts and documentation for the divulgation of  Italian linguistic and historical-cultural heritage, with special regard to the second and third generation Italians abroad; project FIRB; 2009-2013.

  • Creation of Il Vocabolario del fiorentino contemporaneo (Dictionary of Contemporary Florentine Language): project financed by Regione Toscana and Comune di Firenze (first three-year period) and by Federico del Vecchio Bank - Banca Etruria group (second three-year period); 1994-1996/2011-2013.

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